Membership or Pay Per View – which to use

I have a site I am setting up that needs different paid access options. I thought I could do it with the Pay Per View plugin, but that doesn’t seem to be meeting my needs.

I only have 2 main types of content and 2 sub types:

1.) Free

2.) Pay Per View

a.) Each “Pay Per View” post needs to be paid for individually, not across an entire category or tag – (there will be thousands of posts).

b.) I also want a member level to allow access to all content in a specific category for a set amount of time.

I also need 1 more thing… The ability to purchase either a digital download or a physical DVD of the video… This is not something that they would need to be logged in for. I was planning on using another plugin for this, but would be great if it could all be done by a single plugin.