Membership or Pro Sites..both?

Hi All!

My mission is to create a multisite network where someone can come to my main domain and signup to get a duplicate copy of my site.

I would also like to restrict them to only be able to access certain menu items on their site once it's created (Dashboard, Posts, Media, etc), while granting access to a training area on my site.

I've figured out the 2nd part using the Membership plugin. I just wanted to know if it was possible for me to eliminate/hide menu items on their site.

I'm using Blog Template with a default site set, does this affect anything?

Also, if I do need to implement both Pro Sites and Membership, what would be the signup/registration flow for the users? I would like to make it as seamless as possible.

Thanks, I know it was long. :slight_smile:

fyi...I've watched both the PS and Membership tutorials repeatedly. I'm just stumped.

  • Tom Eagles


    Hi Mike,

    Ok first off New blogs template cant be used to clone the main site, it has to be a dedicated template site.

    Now to the rest of the question, pro sites and membership are not integrated what i would do rather than use membership for this is use some other simpler content protection plugin, by simpler i mean not so complex but just as safe.

    Eliminating menus or hiding them can be done very easily using this plugin.

    So you could set this up on your template site and apply the specific permissions etc and this would be applied across all the clones.

    Hope you find this helpful if you need any more input feel free to ask away.


  • Mike | BKSEO

    Hi Tom! Thanks for the response!

    This plugin looks like exactly what I need, I'll definitely try it out.

    As far as cloning, I did setup a new site on my domain to be a clone.
    So I have my main site and a "copy" of it I have enabled as the default template.

    Now that we've eliminated the "hiding menus" issue, my only outstanding dilemma is what route I should go to collect payment for being a "member" of my site.

    I think I have a firm grasp on how the membership plugin works, but are you saying given my description in the original post that I shouldn't implement it?

    The only reason I mentioned both membership and ProSites together is because I saw this post:
    and thought I was in the same scenario.

    I thought PS would take care of the "hiding menus", before your reply.

    Since we've established that the plugin you mentioned eliminates that, should I steer clear of PS/Membership altogether?


    Do you think one is ideal for my scenario as far as collecting annual membership fees?

    I should also mention I installed Affiliate as well....another reason I was more apt to use ProSites or Membership because they integrate.

    Thanks Tom,


  • Tom Eagles


    Hi Mike,

    With the advanced access manager you can block those features as discussed, So no need for membership there.

    Pro sites will take care of the sites being created and when the pay to blog addon is activated they must pay to create a site.

    You would only need to create one level (paid in prosites) to accomplish what you want to do. The affiliates plugin will work in this scenario.

    Hope this helps


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