Membership or Protected Content?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for your help about Membership.

What we are looking to achieve is to put users in a specific subscription based on the WP role or BP group. Both will be selected by custom code.

Is it possibile?
If not, should we use instead of Membership, your protected content plugin?

If something isn't clear, feel free to ask.

Thank you in advance.

  • Ash

    Hello @Filippo

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    In membership plugin, if you add an advanced rule, there you will be able to add a role to an user. But based on a role or BP group, you can't add a member to a subscription automatically. You may need to do this via custom code.

    Also, if you need to customise this then you can post a job in our job board where you can hire a developer to assist further: Please note that, no WPMU official staffs are allowed to work in the job board.

    About Membership VS Protected Content, both plugins are designed to do pretty much the same thing, but they both do it differently. Protected content is very new and as such new features will be added in future & it is very actively developed.

    PC is a lot more easier to setup & configure, whereas membership can be very complicated. Either way tho, if you are familiar with membership, then use membership plugin, but it's not recommended to use both at the same time as conflicts can occur if you try to protect the same content as such.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


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