Membership Pages "intervene" with pages in widget areas

Dear WPMUDEV team,
Have to send another one to you :slight_smile:

We are hoping to publish our new website, but are not quite there yet. Just hit a small barrier.

Please find attached two screen shots.

It seems that Membership's pages are intervening with pages in the widget area. It might also be the Page in Widget plugin, but the anomaly only appears on Membership Pages.

In brief, I first noticed this in the widget area on the right where I us WPMUDEV's Pay With A Like in a widget, using Page In Widget. As soon as one likes and the rest of the page is released the main page is dublicated as in the widgets on my screen shots.
The footer of the page is another widget area on our site and we use Page In Widget plugin there too. The homepage everything is in order, as well as on the Contact Us page. However, on Mambership Pages the footer is all messed up - the pages in the widgets are accompanied by the main page...

Hope my explanation makes any sense. Please let me know in case of any questions.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,