Membership panel not showing on dashboard

Hi there,

I've tried installing membership plugin on my site.
I got 8 admins and i'm the only one who sees the membership panel in the dashboard. all the other member doesn't see it.

I've also set a message "No Access Message" and "Buddypress No Access Message" and even if the other people are admin they are still still redirected to a my account page. and it displays the message i've placed on the no access message. They are admins as well why do they have to see this?

It's the same thing with my other level. I got 3 levels Non Member , Free and Gold Member.

I've set all the permissions correctly but free members and gold members are still redirected to my account page displaying account and renew form and no access message.

It shouldn't be this way because I was able to work with this plugin on my other site.
so what i tried is to reinstall the plugin and set all my settings again. Now I can't even add access levels or anything.. it says it is added but nothing is displayed.

I've checked membership repair. and i got these.
Checking table : wp_m_membership_levels - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_membership_relationships - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_membership_rules - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_subscriptions - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_subscriptions_levels - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_subscription_transaction - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_urlgroups - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_communications - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_pings - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_ping_history - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_levelmeta - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_subscriptionmeta - Missing
Checking table : wp_m_member_payments - Missing

Other admins can't still see membership panel.

Please help. Thanks so much!
Looking forward for your response.