Membership payment gateway API documentation

I'm creating Dwolla payment gateway for membership and was wondering if there was API documentation on it?

The workflow looks very like it will be very similar to the paypal express gateway.


  • Mike

    Hi @dobynsbc

    Thanks for posting your question.

    I'm afraid adding a new payment gateway is firmly in the realms of custom code and if you need assistance it would be best to check out WPMU Jobs.

    However if all you need is access to the Dwolla API documentation, I've done a quick Google search and found this page which should help you:

    As for documentation regarding adding a new payment gateway in Membership, it's probably best if you use the PayPal Express gateway files and modify those to work with Dwolla.


  • dobynsbc


    Thanks for the reply.

    I know that coding the gateway is in the realms of custom code... that's why we're making it ourselves. I was planning on using the paypall express code as a base for it.

    I was hoping that the Membership plugin had API documentation (sorry for the imprecise pronoun). So to try to avoid any further confusion:

    Does the Membership plugin have any documentation on the Payment Gateway Plugis so facilitate 3rd party implementation of arbitrary payment gateways?

    Thank you

  • dobynsbc


    Thanks for letting me know. I do have another question about the Membership plugin.

    I was going to start working on the plugin so I created a test subscription. I made it active and public, but its not giving me the option to subscribe to it on the registration page.

    For the Payment Collection gateways I have the free subscriptions gateway and the PayPal Single Payments Gateway enabled.

    I read through the manual too, and per the FAQ double checked that the subscription is active and public.

    Do you have any idea what could be causing this?

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