Membership payment gateway questions about PayPal, sandbox testing, currencies, and other technical

Hi again guys,

I have searched the forums and watched the video tutorials, but I still have some clarification questions now that I enabled e-commerce. There are a number of questions, but I think these questions will be good for other Membership users as well!

#1) I signed up for a PayPal Payments Pro business account from PayPal. On my membership site, I enabled PayPal Express. I see the only detail I need to enter is the email address of my PayPal business account. But for the other gateways, I need to enter passwords, user IDs, secret keys, and more. This seems weird to me. The other gateways require so much information, but PayPal Express requires just email address? Any reason why this is the case?

#2) Using the PayPal Express gateway, when I have it set to Live, I know I need to enter the email address I use with my PayPal account. When I choose Sandbox, is it the same email address I used to create my PayPal account? Or do I need to create a new “sandbox” account with my PayPal account?

#3) For the currency, I know I have to choose 1 currency from within the Membership plugin. What exactly does this currency represent?

The users of my site are all over the world, so the subscriptions they buy will be in tons of different currency. When they choose to purchase a subscription, and then they go on to PayPal to create an account, I assume PayPal will serve up whatever currency the user chose for his country on his PayPal account. Thus, the currency choice I set in the Membership plugin doesn't play a factor in the user’s purchase. Am I correct in this assumption?

If so, what purpose does the currency option in the Membership plugin serve? If I am not correct, does that means I can only sell my subscriptions to users in 1 country?

#4) In my PayPal business account, there are tons of different options I can set, such as Custom Payment Pages, Website Preferences, API Access, Instant Payment Notifications, and many more. Does the Membership plugin know about any of these PayPal settings? Does the Membership plugin ignore anything I do in my PayPal account?

I’m trying to figure out if any change to a setting or preference I make in my PayPal account has some kind of impact on the experience of the user purchasing a subscription on my site using your Membership plugin.

#5) In my PayPal account, I can create buttons and subscription code, and all kinds of e-commerce plugins. But none of those will work with the Membership plugin, correct? If so, the only way to have the Membership plugin work with e-commerce is to choose a Payment Gateway, correct? I can’t just create a new page in WordPress and paste all the PayPal code for buttons and such, right?

#6) I know you currently do not offer PayPal Pro as a payment gateway. Both PayPal Express and PayPal Single Payments force the user to leave my website and go to a PayPal page. The user is forced to create a PayPal account with either PayPal gateway as well (although they don’t need to use their PayPal account to pay for the item...they can use a credit card), but regardless they still NEED to create a PayPal account.

How does this compare to the gateways? If I buy an business account, and activate that gateway, will the user also be forced to leave my website to complete their purchase? Or will they be able to stay on my website, even though all the payment functions are being done on the servers?

My best option is PayPal Pro, but I know you don’t have that yet, so I‘m trying to decide if it’s a better user experience to use PayPal Express or

Thank you! Also, any idea when a new version of the Membership plugin will be released. You have one of the best on the market today, and have the potential to be the #1 across WordPress with some key updates and enhancements. If you ever need a beta tester, please let me know!

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Nick,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your questions :slight_smile:

    #1) PayPal Express is the simplest of the PayPal gateways due to the fact it does only require the email in Membership, other PayPal gateways, do require API keys etc and IPN return URL's, the iPN URL is dynamic in Membership.

    #2) You'd need to go to sign in with your PayPal information and then you create a new sandbox account (business), you then use that sandbox email in place of the live email, you'd then create another sandbox account (personal) and use that to test the checkout process :slight_smile:

    #3) Your correct, don't worry, that's simply what shows front-end to the users, once they go to PayPal, they'll pay in the currency set, but that will be automatically converted from their balance :slight_smile:

    #4) It'll ignore most of those, the only option it may not ignore is the custom pages though I couldn't guarantee that, I know it will take note of custom payment page logos.

    #5) That's correct, Membership won't work with the subscriptions buttons etc that are created that way :slight_smile:

    #6) (ARB) that'll stay on the site as far as I'm aware, they wouldn't leave the site to pay.

    We are looking into PayPal pro for a future version of Membership, we're currently getting the 3.5 version ready for release and then we're working on something big for membership :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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