Membership PayPal error: "Your session has timed out, please log in again."


I’ve searched this site and Google, but haven’t found anything related to this specific topic. Hoping we can come up with an answer.

I’m on WordPress 3.4.2, using Membership 3.3. Hosted on BlueHost with PHP 5.3. Using the PayPal Single Payments Gateway.

I’ve got a single subscription that I’m trying to offer. For now (for testing purposes) it’s only $0.01, just so I can have a live transaction of money. However, I’ve also tried other values ($1, $10) to be certain that it’s not the price that I’m having an issue with.

What happens is after I click the PayPal button on the registration screen, I’m moved to the PayPal site. I enter an email & password and click Pay Now. I do this step immediately. But, I get an error message: “Your session has timed out, please log in again.

I’ve looked around and on some other posts, it seems that people were having PayPal issues that came from their .htaccess files, their php.ini files, or even just BlueHost. I’ve checked the .htaccess file and it looks good (to me). I updated the php from 5.2 to 5.3 (the BlueHost recommended version) and am also using their recommended single php.ini.

I spoke to BlueHost on the phone and they couldn’t identify anything from their end. They didn’t have any explanation as to why it might be happening, but did mention that it could have something to do with cookies. They couldn’t offer more immediate assistance and recommended opening up a ticket if I wanted more help.

I opened the ticket, but also would like to get your perspective on it as the developers. Is this something you’ve run into before? Does any of it make sense? Do you have any recommendations?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Things to:

    – Logging out and then trying again.

    – Clearing browsing cache, cookies and sessions.

    – Try another browser and even another computer just to test.

    I can’t even use Paypal in Chrome, I have to use other browsers as I always have issue, it’s not annoying enough for me to want to research my issue though. lol

    Let me know how that goes.


  • bottomlessdesign
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Timothy!

    You could be on to something :slight_smile: I tested a bunch of times in a row last night and it never occurred to me in the moment that PayPal may have locked me out. After some time away and a browser reset, it seems to be working now. I’ve tested on a few computers/browsers/locations. It’s working every time now. Thanks for the assist.

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