Membership / Paypal interactions with recurring payments

Hi Support (Barry?)

We are building an online course site using the membership plugin (1.0.5) and paypal express gateway. Wordpress is on 3.1.

The site is

The plan is that users will signup for a 24 month course that allows them access to one new page a month (to include text and embedded videos and live video stream events). These pages are protected by short codes.... These shortcodes work nicely. ( [mentor1] [/mentor1] mentor2 ...mentor 3 etc...)

These are then supported by 24 membership levels with positive access to the increasing number of shortcodes every month. The plan is that a subscription moves a member from month one (with access to mentor1 shortcode) to month two (with access to mentor1 & mentor2 codes) then to month three with mentor 1, 2 & 3) and so on to month 24. We have set up a test subscription up for the first 7 months as days on a serial basis.

When a user signs up for a 24 month program with 24 monthly paypal payments... We see these screens as we progress through to payment.

After first payment the new member is moved onto month 1 level in their relevant subscription.
Paypal then takes another payment for the next month (in this case a day later) and the member does not receive anything from paypal or the membership plugin, and the member is not automatically moved on a level in their subscription.

We can obviously do this manually inside the membership dashboard when we are notified of the recurring payment, but this is not ideal when dealing with a couple of hundred members.

What is or is not happening?

There is obviously effective communication between the membership plugin and paypal at signup and payment, both ways. However at 2nd payment Paypal isn't telling the membership plugin the member has paid and moving them on.

We would also like Paypal or the plugin/site to communicate with the member that the payment has been received and the next stage of the course is open to them to view.

In addition how do I get the membership plugin to force Paypal to take the customers address detail?

I'm happy to give access to the site (WP) and ftp for you to have a nose around for me.