Membership plug-in admin side

Membership plug-in is great. What would be very helpful I feel is the ability to limit which categories a member can POST to.

Right now you can limit which categories they can read, but not which they can post to.

Also a way to limit members to only see their own post in the back end rather than seeing others post as well would be splendid. Essentially blocking the "Posts" tab other than their own post.

Any chance these can be added to the admin side of the plug-in?


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Michael,

    That's an interesting idea. Essentially, you could do this same thing with a WordPress Multi-Site installation.

    Each user would have their own blog and it can be set to private for their view only. Pay-to-Blog could handle the signups and payment for ya.

    I think this would actually be much less complicated than creating a new level of separate for users/categories on a single WordPress install.

    Just my $.02, thanks!

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