Membership Plug Seems buggy...

Or it could be the combination of my site and the plug not getting along well.

Previously it was, but since playing around with settings and making an upgrade standard options like:

Registration page doesn't show any form or button to register as per the instructions.

I have a category that is supposed to be restricted that now shows in the main menu to everyone instead of just a select few.

Not sure what the issue is.

  • Kimberly


    Sorry you seem to be experiencing some difficulties here.

    Membership is a powerful plugin that can behave oddly if you don't have things just so, at times

    For your Restricted Access page: it will not automatically show an option to register/signup, however you can include this option by using the subscribe shortcode or your own link.

    As for your categories, how are you testing? If you are logged in as admin then you will see all of the categories displaying. If you are using the URL groups, then you will see the category name, however not be able to see the categories' contents.

    I hope this helps. Perhaps some more detail on your issues would be helpful in troubleshooting.



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