Membership plugin 1.0 RC1

Hi gang

I have just uploaded the RC1 of the Membership plugin. It is available for download from here:

Updates in this version:
1. hooks, hooks and more hooks - almost every action during the life of a member on the site can be hooked into.

2. Dashboard charts and news - a nice tidy up of the dashboard screen to hopefully show some more useful information about what is happening in your site. For the developers amongst you, the news stream has been written as a standalone membership plugin solely using the hooks I mentioned above in 1., as an example of what can be done, and how.

3. Downloads - downloads are now protected on a "group" level. You can set up as many groups as you want in the options screen (in much the same way as you can with shortcodes), and then assign protected media / files to a group. Access (or not) to the groups is then controlled in the downloads rule.

4. BuddyPress - Two initial BuddyPress rules (for those with it enabled) all you to control the visibility of groups and blogs. These rules also remove any mentions of invisible groups / blogs from the activity streams. I hope to be adding more buddypress rules as we go along, and as I decipher more of the buddypress core code.

5. Bug fixes etc, etc... - The usual killing of bugs and tidying up of code.

Anyway - grab, upload and play. Just replace the existing membership files and it should carry on as before. No need to delete tables or anything like that.

Post below with any issues / problems you find.