Membership Plugin

I am having trouble with user registrations.
Firs off a user signed up and came in as inactive. He wasn't able to log in. I set up a test user and had the same issue.

I have 3 subscriptions;
Test Drive - A free 1 Day membership giving users full access
Annual Subscription - 1 year with full access
Monthly Subscription - 1 month with full access

The free membership doesn't work at all. You select it during signup and it says you now have access... but when I test it as a user I cannot access the premium content. The subscription is set up with a level that has no restrictions.

I manually tried assigning a user who signed up (after I had to activate him manually) to the free subscription and it won't do it. So I thought maybe you can't have both free and paid subscriptions set up at the same time. Then I tried manually assigning the user to my monthly subscription and it wouldn't allow him to do that. So at this point, I am not sure it is possible for anyone to gain access to my premium content. I have to get someone to test it with a payment. I can't do it myself because it's my own paypal account linked to this!