Membership plugin


I've a couple of questions re Membership that I'd appreciate your insights on;

As I understand it so far..You set-up Categories and shortcodes. Posts can get assigned to the different membership categories and controlled that way. Shortcodes can also be used inside posts, and pages..? to control access to part of content.

1) Can pages/page content within the main site be fully controlled via shortcode, or handled like posts somehow..?

2) Does Membership work across different blogs/sites within a multi site install - i.e. can root site shortcodes work in all blogs if required - I understand that membership can be set-up on a blog by blog basis, but is that seperate membership set-ups per blog or simply allowing the overall membership to work within designated blogs..? The need for that could be to control access to specific content within several of the admin's blogs within the overall network, controlled from the main membership install.

3) and, can url level access be controlled also - i.e access to specific areas/sites in a network ?

4) I understand that Membership takes over sign-up from Buddypress, but does it also work with Ultimate Facebook plugin and registration - how does that all fit together..?

5) and, how does this fit together with Supporter and Upgrades - are they all integrated and meant to work together, or treated as standalone..?

thanks for some clarification here,