Membership plugin 2.0.3

Hi Gang

I've just uploaded version 2.0.3 of the Membership plugin - this version has quite a few bug fixes in it which should hopefully fix a few (the majority) of the issues people have been having here since the 2.0 release.

It also has a verify and repair function - so if you notice any strange behaviour since your upgrade then run a table verify and any issues will be reported (and optionally fixed)

Extra functionality includes a new column on the members table to show a members expiry date - note: this date is the expiry date of the current level they are on, so for a monthly serial subscription, then expiry date will be in a months time.

I've also added an option to move members between payment gateways - this is more useful for historic members so that they can gain some benefit from the recently added accountform and renewform shortcodes, and also for moving members between single payment gateways.

Note: moving members between subscription based gateways (PayPal express) may cause unpredictable behaviour as the gateway itself (e.g. PayPal) actually holds and process the subscription and payments not the plugin.