Membership plugin - a few problems!

OK I have the Membership plugin set up but am experiencing a few problems:

I created a test membership that costs £0.01 so I could check the process works. This test membership has been set up so that only access to Level 3 is denied.

Problem #1: I have set up a welcome email to be sent 0 days after subs are paid - but as of yet (1 hour after paying for test subs) I haven't received the email.

problem #2: when not logged in, anyone can view the level 1 and 2 pages (link in sidebar) despite me setting a Free Users membership and restricting access to the pages titled level-1, level-2 and level-3

problem 3: when you do get denied access it's either diverting to the home page rather than my "No access" defined page, opr its showing a blank screen.

The client is intending to sell quite expensive membership on this site, so I really need to have it working properly1 Happy to set up an admin password for you if you can have a look and see where I'm going wrong ....