Membership Plugin Abuse by users

1. Is there a way to detect and/or prevent abuse by members in which they share their user name and password with non-members. I can think of two such cases:

a. Access from a wide variety of IP addresses… such as if they posted the access credentials online and many people used them.

b. High number of accesses and simultaneous accesses from one or a limited number of IP addresses.. such as if a college student shared the credentials with other students at the same school and there access is via a common server on campus.

2. In general, is it possible to view the number and times of accesses by a member, i.e. their activity level?

Thank you


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    1.a. How annoying this would be for users like me who uses many mobile devices like tablets, mobile phones. And even more annoying when if I were on the road.

    The way to get around that would be having a static IP which all devices share. Doesn’t do it over Wi-Fi connections in public places, 3g or 4g. Even BB is dynamic for many.

    I subscribe to a Sky product called NowTV in the UK, Well let me rephrase that to… I’ve just cancelled my subscription with Sky because they lock you into two devices which means I can’t use my xbox in one room, smartTV in another whilst also having it on mine and/or the wife’s iPad/iphones. Wish I’d known before signing up to avoid that. LoveFilm seem to have it right though in those regards, no limit on devices just on how many you concurrently stream.

    1.b. I could see this being more viable, so it allows some flexibility like X amount of IPs every day or so.

    2. There isn’t this kind of option just yet, sorry.

    All of this doesn’t do much though, if you offer downloadable content then they can just share that.

    Look at companies like Adobe and software piracy. As much as you do, people will always break it if they want.

    If you only offer content on your site and they want to share then screenshots takes two seconds. People even distribute PDFs of screenshots from magazine subscriptions, all easy to get. I remember years ago before many mags went on line that you could get desktop scanned versions of their mag on line, not sure who would go to the trouble of scanning them all in, but it happened.

    I think the key is offer quality, and something customers can’t get from dodgy copies.

    I will of course move this over to the feature request area to see how many others would like things like this.

    Take care.

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