Membership Plugin - An eaiser way to drip feed content on daily basis

For the following, I'm thinking in the context of a site that needs to drip a new piece of content each day for years to come. The order of the dripped content needs to be easy to manage as there could be massive amounts of content.

For users to want to drip feed content on a daily basis, it would be nice to select an option, "Drip Feed Content Daily" or something similar. This could then take you to an alternate setup for dripping your content.

It could function by displaying "All" posts or pages /custom content on the left side with filters to make it easy to find the pages. On the right side you could drag the posts/pages from the left) side to the right side. The pages that are added to the right side would be the pages that you wanted to drip feed. You could then just drag and drop the order to determine the drip feed order. The top post would drip on the 1st day, the next on the 2nd day and so on...

This is just my initial thoughts on how it might work. Others may have better suggestions or ways to improve.