Membership plugin back end has disappeared

The setup for the community website is pretty advanced. It worked for over a year and now with recent upgrades I have problems with the administration of the membership plugin.

Cannot access Membership settings or a separate membership list.

All members at this site were added manually (97) and are assigned a bbpress Participant role and WP 'no role for this site". Now that I want to add a few Author roles to users they don't stick.

When I go into editing a user's Profile, I can assign a WP role or change a forum role, but there is no membership anything in the profile.

I see that I am Membership Admin on the admin bar, but when I view site as Membership Admin, I don't have permission.

Where are the Membership settings? How can I assign a new member their Membership?

Also I have 4 different admin logins set up and not all show me the WPMU DEV plugin when I am logged in. This is a serious problem and I need some answers! Thanks.

  • Vaughan


    the dashboard plugin is only visible to the admin who installed it.

    you can change the permissions by adding this define to your wp-config.php

    define('WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER, '1');

    the above will limit it to user id 1

    to have multiple users allowed, seperate each user id with a comma like so;

    define('WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER, '1, 2, 3, 4');

    will allow user ids 1, 2, 3, & 4 to use the dashboard plugin.

    as for your other issues.

    can you send your details using the following contact form (select i have a different question from the dropdown.

    mark for my attention.
    include a ref URL to this thread.

    please include site login details (super-admin if on multisite)

    hope this helps

  • Pixeldrummer

    Thanks Vaughan, but I see no difference at all.
    Will check back tomorrow. But I see no difference and no access to membership admin as far as I could tell. I was wondering if the Site Roles of all users should be changed to Subscriber (except for the Admins). Because all users really have 3 different roles: Site Role, bbp Role, membership role. Perhaps the merged user list with your new update can't handle that?

    Sorry. I did a complete backup of everything though, just in case.

  • Pixeldrummer

    It's baaaaack! Thanks so much! For some reason I didn't see it last night, but this morning after clearing out all temp internet files and making sure that I wasn't logged in on any of my machines, I saw it.

    Did you repair the membership database? I noticed that most, but not all member were reassigned from their membership to the same membership.

    Please tell me what you did to fix this. Did you revert to an earlier version? Should I keep this version and not update from now on?

    There is still the issue of assigning Site Roles to all members, especially assigning Author to some. It seems I could assign Admin to you and it stuck, but it didn't for the 4 members I assigned Author to. I'll assign Author to my test people now and see if it sticks.

    Would have some suggestions as to the impact of changing everyone's Site Role, that is now bbp "Participant", to an actual Site Role, i.e. Subscriber? Thanks again!

  • Vaughan


    I kinda cheated a little bit.

    I used a plugin called Adminer, which i used to access you DB. As i didn't have access to phpmyadmin on your server.

    in the wp_usermeta table i looked for wp_capabilities

    I then copied the value for that field from my own single site installation into your DB. This then gave me access to the membership plugin, once I had that, I just had to go to All Users and then edit each admins permissions and give them back the capabilities.

    I didn't do a repair. But membership does have a check/repair tables function in the advanced settings.

    I am unsure of the bbp roles I rarely use that plugin.

    Hope this helps

  • Pixeldrummer

    Thanks for letting me know. There is no way I would have known where to look.

    I am still having some difficulties with Site Roles that don't stick, i.e. wanting now to assign to all members the Site Role "Subscriber", to others "Author", etc. and to all members the bbpress role "Participant". But for the Admin assignments all other Site Roles revert to (bbpress) "Participant". Note: Site Role and bbpress roles are separate roles. Am playing with some settings and will have to do more before I can send more details.
    I'll let you know specifics when I can nail them down.

  • Pixeldrummer

    I think everything is now working as it should. Actually better than before. I have some insights I wanted to share and some questions for you Vaughan.

    I removed the associated role assignment for members in the membership access levels. It was put there when bbpress and wp roles were in one menu and you had to select one. It had to be participant for members to be able to use the forums.

    Now, after several updates of bbpress, wordpress, membership plugin, etc. these roles are separate. All members, except for 'Admins' merged into the new 'All User' list with Site Role AND Forum Role as 'Participant'.

    In order to be able to assign a 'Author' site role to a member or 'Subscriber' to all other members, I had to take that associated role assignment in membership out, because it dominates and the site role of the majority of members somehow reverted every time back to 'Participant'.

    It seems that bbpress and the membership plugin play well together again. I am a bit aprehensive though about any upgrades in the future. Would you be able to advise if I should keep it at the version it is now? I think I may have actibated 'autoupdate' and want to cancel at least that.

    I see that you've installed Adminer as a plugin. I probably won't activate it, because I use Navicat to all my WP databases. I'll leave it there, because when you fixed the membership plugin data so admirably, you left a few user types behind that I don't use (Event Contibutor x2, WPA Client and QA Client). Did you want to clean those out?

    I hope my little insights help. Thank you very much for your very able hands-on help. It's much appreciated.

  • Vaughan


    Sorry for the delay.

    Future updates should be ok as far as i'm aware, I can't guarantee what will happen with bbpress 6 months down the line though. But after it's updates from 1.1 release to bbpress 2, it does certainly seem to have stabilised on that front now.

    Buddypress have deprectated their forum system & the old legacy versions and now use bbpress too. so things do look a bit more stable on the bbpress front.

    I would certainly advise to update membership & other plugins when updates get released though, it could be detrimental to the security of your site at the worst.
    My advice on that would be to setup a clone site that's identical to your own on a different domain/server, and when any updates get released, you can do all the testing on your development/test site first to see if they have any impact before actually updating your live production site & possibly it breaking.

    The other user types Event contributor, wpa client & QA client, shouldn't affect anything at all, but nothing will be using them anyway, so should be safe.

    Hope this helps

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