Membership plugin blocking loading of ajax images

This Membership plugin is interfering with my another premium plugin called rtMedia Pro. Ive narrowed it down to something with Membership's content protection. This rtMedia plugin has a shortcode to display a gallery of user images. I loads 20 images on the page, then below the images, has a Load More button. When clicking this button it loads additional images via ajax onto the page. However the Membership plugin won't let additional images load.

Ive tried enabling/disabling content protection. It works fine when disabled. So I looked at my rules for my "free users" level. I created a new url group called "All Pages Available" with this regex:

In the test url field I tried my page and it was valid. I added this rule to the Positive rules. However going to the actual page and clicking the Load More button displays nothing. Viewing the source, I can see the href, title, and src fields for the newly created html all say "false".

I went to the Media tab in the Options and tried all 3 basic/complete/hybrid protection. This did not help.

In the Content Protection tab I added the rtmedia_gallery shortcode in the Admin Only Shortcode textarea. That didn't do anything.

I can't find any setting or configuration anywhere in Membership to make this Load More button actually load more images correctly, while content protection is on.

How do I get this to work properly???

Here is the page Im working on in my staging environment:

Also, everything on my site is the latest version.