Membership Plugin: BP member directory to list by Level


Is there a way to restrict the BP membership directory to display only those members for specifiled Levels of memgership? Maybe all no-strangers?

Would I need to modify the blogsmembersmembers-loop.php to accomplish this? If so, any suggestions?



  • DavidM
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    Hello Larry,

    I just want to be sure this I understand this properly since this post has been linked with our Members Directory whereas you seem to be asking about the general BuddyPress members directory instead.

    Am I correct in that you’re working with the BuddyPress members directory rather than our Members Directory plugin?

    If so, is there a particular theme you have in mind? (I believe the membersmembers-loop.php file would designate this but just wanted to be sure)



  • tishimself
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    Blogs MU Child 1.2.2 is the theme, but that may change as this is a sandbox multi site with Buddypress to see if I can do want I need.

    My goal is to have level(s) of blogging users called Practioners and one level for Strangers aka Customers. Strangers need to sign in past the TOS to search Practioner blogs and view the Members Directory Profile Info (here a link to the practioner blog would be nice). Strangers would not be listed in the Members Directory.

    I installed BuddyPress because it allows me to readily add Profile Fields for Practioners(not sure I need them at signup) and I did not know how to do that w/o BP. Other than custom profile fields, I don’t think I need BuddyPress. Otherwise, I would be using your Membership Directory plugin. I dunno how configurable the directory entries are, but I could give it a try.

    Both Supporter and Membership plugins are installed. Supporter would handle the different levels of Practioners & their blogging needs. Membership would be used to restrict casual viewer access to site content until they signed up as Strangers who agree to the TOS. I would like the Membership directory to include only those Practioner level users which includes paying for a blog.

    Any suggestions for how to make this work w or w/o Buddypress would be appreciated.



  • Mason
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    Hiya Larry,

    I think it’d be easier if (for example) you only allowed Practitioners to have ‘blogs’ while your customers are just normal ‘members’. Then, you can just use the blog listing feature of BuddyPress to list your Practitioners (even if they’re at different levels on Supporter).

    Otherwise, you’re going to have do quite a bit of custom coding to display members based on their membership level. That kind of customization goes a bit outside of what we can help with on the forums.


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