Membership Plugin Broken (Permissions)

Just installed the latest upgrade..

Permissions are destroyed, I cannot define negative access for the pages without it going and saying everything is negative, and I cannot go over to positive without having everything go positive, and when I do the advanced combo, same thing, I cannot protect the content.

I have hidden the menus, but that is not enough for security.

The permissions were working fine, added the latest update you sent out, and things went haywire.

I was just about to go and do beta, and everything I had working now does not work.

I am limited on my time, and I really can't have this happening.

Permissions = pure positive or pure negative for (as far as I can tell for now) pages.

Tried running a table fix, but to no avail.

I need to downgrade the plugin, in hopes that it will go back to what I need it to.

I have the last beta available. I will update and tell you all if this fixes it.