Membership plugin bug

Team, i have two subscription plans created in membership plugin. Plan X and Plan Y

A) once user is subscribed into plan x and he paid for it throught paypal. then 5 minutes after that he pay for plan y without any issue or error message from membership plugin.
is it possible to limit plugin, so user can be registered only into one subscrption plan at time ? or it is bug ?
B) second issue is definitely a bug. once user registered and paid for plan x. He goes to his renewform [ page is called renewform.php] he just easily click on plan y and boom he has plan Y activated even without pay !!! bug ?

THank you for advice

  • Patrick

    Hi @peter_illias

    Users should only be able to subscribe to one plan at a time, and if they unsubscribe, should only be able to access content you have allowed for the stranger level.

    Taking into account the issues you are experiencing leads me to believe there is either a conflict with some other script on your site, or the installation of Membership is faulty.

    Please first go to the "Advanced" tab in the plugin options and click "Verify membership tables". If any tables are missing or broken, you will see a messages to that effect next to the table name. If necessary, click "Repair membership tables".

    Also, try deactivating all other plugins and testing again.

  • peter_illias

    Below log from testing. i also disabled all plugins and still , same issues.

    Checking table : wp_m_membership_levels - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_membership_levels -
    id - Ok
    level_title - Ok
    level_slug - Ok
    level_active - Ok
    level_count - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_membership_relationships - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_membership_relationships -
    rel_id - Ok
    user_id - Ok
    sub_id - Ok
    level_id - Ok
    startdate - Ok
    updateddate - Ok
    expirydate - Ok
    order_instance - Ok
    usinggateway - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_membership_rules - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_membership_rules -
    level_id - Ok
    rule_ive - Ok
    rule_area - Ok
    rule_value - Ok
    rule_order - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_subscriptions - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_subscriptions -
    id - Ok
    sub_name - Ok
    sub_active - Ok
    sub_public - Ok
    sub_count - Ok
    sub_description - Ok
    sub_pricetext - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_subscriptions_levels - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_subscriptions_levels -
    sub_id - Ok
    level_id - Ok
    level_period - Ok
    sub_type - Ok
    level_price - Ok
    level_currency - Ok
    level_order - Ok
    level_period_unit - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_subscription_transaction - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_subscription_transaction -
    transaction_ID - Ok
    transaction_subscription_ID - Ok
    transaction_user_ID - Ok
    transaction_sub_ID - Ok
    transaction_paypal_ID - Ok
    transaction_payment_type - Ok
    transaction_stamp - Ok
    transaction_total_amount - Ok
    transaction_currency - Ok
    transaction_duedate - Ok
    transaction_gateway - Ok
    transaction_note - Ok
    transaction_expires - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_urlgroups - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_urlgroups -
    id - Ok
    groupname - Ok
    groupurls - Ok
    isregexp - Ok
    stripquerystring - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_communications - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_communications -
    id - Ok
    subject - Ok
    message - Ok
    periodunit - Ok
    periodtype - Ok
    periodprepost - Ok
    lastupdated - Ok
    active - Ok
    periodstamp - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_pings - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_pings -
    id - Ok
    pingname - Ok
    pingurl - Ok
    pinginfo - Ok
    pingtype - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_ping_history - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_ping_history -
    id - Ok
    ping_id - Ok
    ping_sent - Ok
    ping_info - Ok
    ping_return - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_levelmeta - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_levelmeta -
    id - Ok
    level_id - Ok
    meta_key - Ok
    meta_value - Ok
    meta_stamp - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_subscriptionmeta - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_subscriptionmeta -
    id - Ok
    sub_id - Ok
    meta_key - Ok
    meta_value - Ok
    meta_stamp - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_member_payments - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_member_payments -
    id - Ok
    member_id - Ok
    sub_id - Ok
    level_id - Ok
    level_order - Ok
    paymentmade - Ok
    paymentexpires - Ok

    Checking table : wp_m_coupons - Ok

    Checking fields in table : wp_m_coupons -
    id - Ok
    site_id - Ok
    couponcode - Ok
    discount - Ok
    discount_type - Ok
    discount_currency - Ok
    coupon_startdate - Ok
    coupon_enddate - Ok
    coupon_sub_id - Ok
    coupon_uses - Ok
    coupon_used - Ok
    coupon_apply_to - Ok

  • aecnu

    Greetings peter_illias,

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