Membership Plugin & CDN

When WPEngine CDN is enabled, members do not see the admin bar on the front-end site. They get logged in on the back-end fine, but when they click the site name in the admin bar and go to the front-end site, they lose the login -- no admin bar, and only "visitors" access level. (Front-end is

With CDN turned off at WPEngine, they keep the admin bar and their proper membership status.

  • Scott Roberts
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Domain mapping is also installed on my setup (multsite).

    It appears the following changes in Domain Mapping (the network admin portion) have fixed the issue:

    . Remote Login
    . X Permanent redirect (better for your blogger's pagerank)
    . X User domain mapping page
    . Redirect administration pages to site's original domain (remote login disabled if this redirect is disabled)
    . Disable primary domain check. Sites will not redirect to one domain name. May cause duplicate content issues.

    Normally Remote Login and Redirect admin are checked. Unchecking them made the behavior originally noted go away....without any CDN-related changes neeidng to be made.

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