Membership plugin conflicting with Terms of service


Sorry I have posted elements of this problem over several posts but I wanted to round it all up in the one post.

Firstly I am aware that the Terms of Service plugin is set to work with the standard wp signup.php and also the buddypress signup page.

The membership plugin allows me to disable the bp assigned page and in the membership options set a designated page for registration.
Having this configuration allows a member upon registration to select a subscription and then complete the registration details and finaly be directed to paypal to pay.

If I designate a bp registration page in the bp settings the membership plugin bypasses the subscription page.

I was able to go with the first configuration until I wanted to add the terms of service plugin.
Having a set bp registration page allows the terms plugin to work but the subscription then does not.
Disabling a bp registration page then allows the subscription to work but the terms of service plugin does not.

Added two screenies of the config that allows subscription to work but not the terms of service.

Im in need of help please :slight_smile:

Kindest Regards