Membership plugin connection to PayPal

Is it necessary to ad a PayPal identity token? It appears in the PyaPal setting as if it is needed. I simply set the return IPN to the one that the plugin info at the top of the page told me to.

Here is my thinking process:

Here is the information on that setting in the Membership Manual:

Paypal Express & Single Payment
The setup process of these two plugins are virtually identical with the exception of one
button which is the “Renew” button. In Single Payment this is not needed as it will not set
up or process subscriptions with Paypal, it will only process a single payment at a time, thus
meaning each time your members are due to renew will need to manually process their
renewal. Paypal Express Supports Subscriptions.
Paypal will return the transaction using IPN automatically using notify_url so you shouldn't
need to set a specific IPN within Paypal.
Note that in some server or PayPal account configurations, you may need to enter the return
URL anyway to get things functioning properly. The IPN return URL would look like this:

I then went to the PayPal area of the MFVA website and it said this:

Edit PayPal Express - with Single Payments settings
IPN Setup Instructions
In order for Membership to function correctlty you must setup an IPN listening URL with PayPal. Failure to do so will prevent your site from being notified when a member cancels their subscription.?Your IPN listening URL is:

I used this lat URL and made sure that the IPN setting in the PayPal side was set for auto return.

So, I am asking if the identity token is needed at all. It appears that I have done all that I need. Correct.

We have been getting a behavior where people sign up via the site and pay but the data isn't conveyed in the membership system. As if PayPal isn't connecting to the pluggin correctly.

Any particular settings I should be wary of?

Let me know.



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