Membership Plugin Corrupt: Fatal Error

I am currently using the WPMU Dev Membership Pro plugin in order to set up membership status and levels for our education and training websites. Recently while working on, my site lost connection and would no longer load.

After talking to our hosting provider, they informed me that the issue was that the Membership Plugin had become corrupt (though how, they aren't sure). They provided me with t from the error report (which I am happy to supply via email as it references our FTP access). The code begins with: PHP Fatal Error. Call to undefined method Membership_Model_Rule_Pages::get_data [enter ftp information here] /on line 561.

After deactivating the Membership Plugin, the website seems to function, however, we are obviously unable to access anything reliant on the Membership Pro plugin (no ability to register, no hidden content specific to membership levels, etc.) When I check the plugin and activate it, I am no longer able to load the website at all.

We are heavily reliant on the membership plugin to provide specific information to specific users and have this plugin installed on multiple of our other training education websites. Can you please instruct on the best way fix this issue?