Membership Plugin – Default Protected Content Group for Media

Hi Folks!

I love the Membership Plugin and the features-set it provides is awesome – it just blew me away.

I am setting up a membership site and require all images that are added to the Media Library to default to one of the Membership Protection Levels.

Out of the box, all uploads default to “Protected content group : None”.

I would like all media to default to the Protected groups, ‘members’ so that all newly uploaded media is protected.

The client will be uploading 30+ images a day and they will all need to be protected by default. Editing each Image’s protection through the “Edit Media” page would be a step the client would forget – if they did remember it would add at least 10 minutes every day to their workflow.

If media is to be public then the client would manually change the setting to “None” through the existing “Edit Media” page.

I am wondering if this could be a feature request and whether in short term any hacks are available?

Many thanks,