Membership plugin does not limit the groups I added

Hi Support,

Good day!

First of all, the Membership plugin is one great plugin that fits perfectly for how my client wanted the site to get done.

On the other hand, I'm having some trouble at what point does the Membership kicks in. I have some s2Member experience and I might be confusing these things with your Membership.

My site in question is:

So basically, Membership is enabled and the subscription I created is Active and Public. Right now, I have two subscription plans namely Free user (which comes by default of Membership plugin) and Civil Service (which I created).

Also, there are two access levels of the site currently, Visitors (Membership's default) and Civil Service. I've enabled all the groups into the Negative rules for Visitors and for Civil Service, only the "Civil Service" group is listed into the positive rules.

The Civil Service subscription contains the "Civil Service" access level.

Ideally, I was assuming that if you click on the "Civil Service" program from the group's list, it should redirect to a page where user can purchase for access, however, this doesn't work and I'm not sure at what point Membership plugin controls the group access as setup in the access levels.

Any thoughts you can add is highly appreciated.


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    Hi and Welcome to WPMUdev forums!

    I am glad you are enjoying Membership :slight_smile: I too came from s2member to this one and found it tough to adjust at first. It does look the same in some places but the functionality is different and very powerful! You may be creating too many conditions on your access levels or adding the wrong ones. Let me give you an example.

    I set up a test scenario on a Membership site to try and acheive the results you were looking for.

    I created two memberships. One is 'Content Member' the other 'Group Member'. My goal was to let the Content Member access the site, but not the groups. So, with that in mind I created two access levels. 'Content Member' has 1 negative rule, Groups. 'Group Member' had positive Group rules.

    I created a Protected Content page that I activated on the Dashboard>Membership>Options>Pages>Protected Content area. On that page I used some generic Protected Content text and included the Subscription shortcode given under the Registration area on the Dashboard>Membership>Options>Pages>Registration area.

    When I logged in as a test user I was greeted on the Groups page with a screen that gave me a protected content notice and an option to subscribe. I'll attach screenshots :slight_smile:

    So, you see you only need supply rules specific to the level. I didn't need to make everything positive and groups negative for my 'Content Member'. I only needed to specify that Groups were a negative. I hope this makes sense! Please let me know if this helps, I can help with anything else you need :slight_smile:



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