membership plugin does not register automatic payments with 2CO

I am running membership on my site with only one patent gateway, 2Checkout to collect monthly hosting payments. I have one client who volunteered to test the new setup and registered for a serial subscription set to automatically renew on a monthly basis. The first payment went through perfectly, but no payment the second month. I checked the notifications to be sure they are pointed in the right direction and they were.

Now, thinking the problem was with 2CO not sending a response back to the site, I reset the notification settings in 2CO and created a test user on my site by registering for a test subscription that is configured to automatically renew on a daily basis.

In membership, everything looks like it is set-up correctly, the membership status page shows that the subscription is set to automatically renew tomorrow but again, no payment comes through.

Can I request for a WPMUDEV rep to access my site to take a look around to be sure everything is configured properly?

I would prefer also if I could grant that user access to my payment gateway to check there as well. I really want to be able to rely on membership to process these transactions automatically and not have to look over my shoulder to be sure payments came in.