Membership Plugin for B2B Woocommerce Shop - Registration Problem

Hello everybody,

I am trying to set up a B2B shop with Woocommerce and the Membership plugin.

The idea of the shop is, that visitors can view the shop items but can't buy them. Visitors can register on the page, but have to be approved by an admin to get the persmission of buying in the shop.

Therefore I don't really need a subscription level organisation, cause once a user is approved, his status won't change unless he is kicked out of the shop.

My idea was to set up 3 access levels - visitor, member-unapproved and member with different permissions.

This works fine until a user wants to register on the shop, because on the register page no registration formular is displayed.

My question is, do I have to set up a subscription level in order to get a working registration formular? If I do have to, how should I configure it in order to not force a user to reactivate his subscription after a while?

Thanks for your help in advance