Membership plugin giving me fits

I am trying to set up membership and it's giving me very unexpected results. In a nutshell, this is what I'm trying to do:

1) Limit access to pages based on subscription level.
2) Free or non-registered users cannot access certain pages.
3) One level can access some pages.
4) Another level can access other pages.

I now end up with weird situations where one level gets "not authorized" on the home page or other times all content shows. This has happened a couple of times and both times I reset all of the settings. It worked for a while, and then reverted to the odd behavior.

I need to go live on this ASAP. Is there someone who can help? I'm trying to follow the instructions to the letter and I'm an experienced developer, not a novice.

  • jhuskisson
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Ed

    I've had the same problem where pages are restricted when they should not. I've been using access levels to control who accesses what but for some reason its not working as it should. I've also re-installed the plugin and sometimes setting up another Wordpress install but still get the same problems.

    Got this problem without any other plugins installed to eliminate conflict between the plugins. Hopefully someone has a solution as i need to meet very tight deadlines.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hi guys!

    Membership Plugin is Giving me fits

    I swear my eye started twitching when I read that, the first few weeks of the Membership launch had us all pulling out our hair one strand at a time :slight_smile:

    A couple things to remember when using Membership:

    -If you are logged in as Admin you will see EVERYTHING, nomatter what rules you have in place.

    -Any access rules you create are not mutually exclusive, they will operate independently and they will not automatically create rules for other access levels

    -You need a protected content page.

    @Ed if you have any specific examples to show me I would be glad to help you start fixing things. If it's too jumbled to pick a place you can email login creds if you want to go that route

    @jhuskisson do you have a thread open for your issues? If you can start a new one that would be great, that way noone gets left out :slight_smile:



  • Ed
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I found out a few of things:

    1) I needed to set things properly at the free/unregistered level in order for things to work properly at the subscriber levels.

    2) W3 Total Cache, which I have used on a very high volume site, works very well with Membership, while WP Super Cache was not cooperating. I'm not sure why that is. I typically turn to Super Cache for simpler or low-volume sites.

    3) If people subscribed for some reason subscribed to both the Free and premium subscriptions, the Free limitations overrode the premium one.

    At this point, everything seems to be working swimmingly. I'm pushing the limits a bit also by creating some applications within pages that parse the URL (using Apache directives) and Membership is doing a great job of protecting the whole page-based app.

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