Membership Plugin - HAving trouble with a free membership, actually locking down pages/posts.

Ok, I have installed, activated, and set access levels and subscription levels for the membership plugin. I am attempting to do a free sub, so once you register, it drops you to the Public access level, and then there are certain users (Who I manually select and set) who are at a higher level of access.

I am attempting to lock down a certain page and even though I set it as a negative for the public access level, a public person can see it. So can the higher level account I manually created.

I realize this is probably not enough detail to diagnose. Please realize I am a total absolute newbie to wordpress, and am trying. I swear. :slight_smile:

If you don't mind, start off by telling me what you need to help me diagnose this.

Side note- the instructions on the side of the plugin page, I followed. They're not the best instructions, but I believe I followed them faithfully.

I got confused, as the instructions seem to imply that categorization and/or using the positive/negative bits would lock down or open up access to specific pages and posts.