Membership plugin - How to uninstall

I have spent way to much time trying to get this plugin to work.
I've had it. It's just not working. So it must be this theme.

First the plugin just wasn't recognizing the pages in the jQuery slider on the home, using the Nova theme. So I tried to use the Posts, which also doesn't work the way it should. It shows all the posts, instead of just the posts selected for 'Featured'.

So then I just wanted to uninstall this plugin, and reinstall it from my newly purchased fresh download.
I deactivated the plugin, and then dropped all the tables inside the database. Removed the plugin by deleting all the files.

Then reloaded it, activated it, and now it's not creating the Access levels. I go in and set it up, but it returns to the Access level list view with nothing added.

I'm done with this.

I'll have to find a different plugin that actually works.