Membership Plugin is blocking Marketpress product categories

I have the latest version of WordPress, membership and marketpress plugin installed. Currently everything is running find except some pages are being block by the membership plugin.

Here is the problem:

visitor can view all pages and post on my site except for what I have protected. That's good. The bad new is The search engines are pinging or has post link of my website in there database. The information on my site they have in there database is my product categories. When people search products in searching they see the result of my product categories but the membership plugin is blocking there access to the content. There is know options in the membership plugin that will allow me to select product categories. each product categories have url link that are block however if you go to the page url it works. The content is the same. How do I fix this problem. I would like to show you an example: Please use the followings to get permission when needed.

Here is the products categories link that is block by the membership plugin:
Here is the product page which is the same as the above just different link:

Please tell me how to fix this problem. As you can see the products are the same. The page is the same. the only difference is how the page is accessed. I Need this fixed because google is indexing the product categories and because visitors can not access the page, I am loosing money