Membership Plugin compatibility with themes

I mentioned this a few days ago and have attempted to reinstall themes daily. I was hoping that the upgrades recently done would help but they did not. The results are the same with Membership 1.0.5 and 1.1beta.

Themes working with Membership:

Blogs MU 1.2.2
BuddyPress Business 3.6.5
BuddyPress Community 1.3.3
BuddyPress Corporate 1.3.4
BuddyPress Magazine 3.9.5
BuddyPress Scholar 3.7.5
Edu Clean 2.1.8
BuddyPress Default

Themes NOT working with Membership:

Business Blog 1.9.8 (can click through options but no drag-and-drop - which means no functionality)
Product 2.2.7 (no drag-and-drop)
Network 1.4 (no drag-and-drop)
Studio (no drag-and-drop)
Business Portfolio 1.9.9 (no drag-and-drop)
Business Services 2.2.5 (no drag-and-drop)
Business Feature 1.9.8 (no drag-and-drop AND "Add New" buttons not functioning)

  • DavidM

    Hello there nziolkowski,

    Those appear to be slightly older versions of the themes you'd listed there. I believe you'll find that the latest versions of all of those work along with the latest version of Membership (which appears to be the version you have).

    If you could please try any of these more recent versions I believe you'll find they should work just fine. Apologies for any inconvenience there.


  • nziolkowski

    With all due respect, I keep stating that I HAVE the latest versions. They were downloaded today! Just now. In fact, they've been re-downloaded every day since I started my membership here. Which version stated above is a "slightly older version"? I just double checked and the versions listed above are the exact versions that are listed on your website. I also have Auto-Update installed and it is not picking up on newer versions either. This is a clean WP 3.1 install with only BuddyPress, Membership Premium and WPMU DEV Update Notifications installed/activated.

    The trouble with this began because I attempted to use Studio, then Business Blog, then Network - all three with no luck for Membership plugin. Since I couldn't use any of the themes I joined WPMUDEV for, I downloaded all of the BuddyPress-capable themes to see what my options were. I would really appreciate someone trying to help me figure out how to make this work instead of telling me that I should download/update to the latest versions, please. I have done that (multiple times) and it is not working.

  • doktadivah

    I am now having a similar problem with Membership 2.1.4 and the Business Feature 2.1.6 theme. I was able to set things up, but now, I cannot pick up the remaining categories in order to drag them. I can drag n drop easily in other areas of the WP dashboard (ie Widgets) but this doesn't seem to be working. Please help, we launch Monday afternoon!

    *The Add New buttons aren't working properly, either.

  • aecnu

    Greetings :slight_smile:

    @doktadivah - I know that I am working with you on the Membership plugin in another ticket but it was after this post. Please refer to that particular ticket and thank you for understanding.

    There have been so many changes to the Membership plugin since the creation of this ticket that all trouble shooting results are now basically mute and if issues still exist do to the complexity of this plugin they should be tracked down on a case by case in a new ticket.

    Therefore I am marking this ticket as resolved and we will certainly be willing and able to deal with any issues that arise as this plugin has gone through many changes as mentioned above.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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