Membership Plugin compatibility with themes

I mentioned this a few days ago and have attempted to reinstall themes daily. I was hoping that the upgrades recently done would help but they did not. The results are the same with Membership 1.0.5 and 1.1beta.

Themes working with Membership:

Blogs MU 1.2.2
BuddyPress Business 3.6.5
BuddyPress Community 1.3.3
BuddyPress Corporate 1.3.4
BuddyPress Magazine 3.9.5
BuddyPress Scholar 3.7.5
Edu Clean 2.1.8
BuddyPress Default

Themes NOT working with Membership:

Business Blog 1.9.8 (can click through options but no drag-and-drop - which means no functionality)
Product 2.2.7 (no drag-and-drop)
Network 1.4 (no drag-and-drop)
Studio (no drag-and-drop)
Business Portfolio 1.9.9 (no drag-and-drop)
Business Services 2.2.5 (no drag-and-drop)
Business Feature 1.9.8 (no drag-and-drop AND "Add New" buttons not functioning)