Membership Plugin & Managing users on site

I am definitely a bit confused and search threads and found some help, but not exactly what I need.

I have a multi-site buddypress site - all current versions. Only have one site at the root of the site. When people register by default the users are part of the network site. When I install the membership plugin it only works on the site at the root, and only sees the Super Admin, not the other users.

So of course I can't manage the site like I need. I tried the Blog and User Creator plugin, and I am sure it would work, but it appears to be manual. So my guess is every time a user signs up they do so at the network and not on the site, so I would always have to go in and move over.

I assume I am missing something, but not sure what. Obviously in BuddyPress it selects the pages from that subsite to manage all the components, so it seems configured right. Anyway, any feedback would be great. I just need some super basic membership protection functionality, but can't have to manually copy users over every time they register.

Ok, leaving this post here, but it appears this thread is a good fit too, but still doesn't seem to answer my question. I guess the main one from reading it is how do I set this up so they sign up once and become a member of the main sub site and buddypress.

What makes no sense to me the more I look is how BuddyPress uses the registration page from that site, yet it doesn't put the account there also, so I can't use the membership plugin to manage seemingly.

Thanks, David

OK - got the answer. I love a great plugin. This thread covered it.

And this is the plugin and it worked great copying the users down. I tell you, some of this stuff makes my head spin and I feel pretty technical :slight_smile:.

Kick @ss plugin though - seems like this would almost be a must have for most, but I guess that is why it has 12K downloads -