Membership plugin more detailed tuts?

I finally managed to isolate (protect) a category. Only members can access that category, sub-category posts and some protected pages. The membership is free.

1) I want to put a widget with member login dialog into the side bar. I can’t find a login dialog in that plugin. Don’t want to use the WP login, members should not see a WP profile page.

2) when members log in they should go to their own ‘home’ page and see all unblocked menus (in the side bars), how do I route members to a (after login) home page?

3) I want to use the gravity forms add-on, it’s activated, but doesn’t seem to work yet. I think it has something to do with those short codes. It’s great to know that you can use short codes, but HOW do you apply those properly? Can they be anything I want to call them or are they specific? Gravity forms short codes are mentioned, where are they? I could make the sign-up form work, but not with gravity forms.

I’ve read the installation page, but need a more detailed explanation so that I can finally set that membership plugin up properly. Thanks.