Membership Plugin, "MOVE TO" subscription option not showing payment button

Hey guys–pretty simple problem here but can’t seem to find a solution in the documentation. Working on a site (access details can be provided, if necessary) and have the following issue:

On the “Manage Billing / Subscription” page, once a user is signed up, it shows a list of other alternative subscriptions that starts with:

“Your current subscriptions are listed here. You can renew, cancel or upgrade your subscriptions by using the forms below.”

Then below, it lists the subscriptions, but no price, and no payment button. What setting am I missing here? It’s not supposed to be setup to drip content or automatically upgrade a user. Any change to the subscription needs to be made manually, by the user.

ALSO–what happens if an administrator changes the subscription from the admin panel? If the user is using the Paypal option to pay for the subscription, is this updated in the user’s paypal account when the ADMINISTRATOR makes the change from admin? Seems like there would have to be a disconnect there somewhere.

Thanks in advance for your help.