Membership plugin - My menus disappear when I'm not logged in.

I've just installed Membership and I'm testing my level filters prior to setting up subscriptions and have two basic levels "free users" and "premium" I put all of the categories that I want to be accessible to everyone who visits the site in the Positive section, nothing in the negative section and set the Strangers level to "free users". However, if I'm not logged in the menu disappears. So visitors are locked out.
Also the shortcodes don't work, the shortcode just appears as text in the Page.
I saw a post where this was addressed menu issue but unfortunately Barry, logged into the site and fixed the guy's problem so I don't know what the solution was.

  • Barry
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    @bkeller99 - can you give us more details of your set up? I've recently been asking for screen shots of the options page (more than one if necessary due to screen size), and then we can see if find a solution.

    Also the shortcodes don't work, the shortcode just appears as text in the Page.

    Again, it'll prob help by having a quick look at the options page, but they are only processed if the plugin is active so can you check that status on the membership dashboard page as well.

  • bkeller99
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    Boy this is getting weirder by the minute ...more info:
    When I'm not logged in:
    I noticed is that its the categories that don't have the menu items not the Pages.
    i.e. Page - -- displays the menu at the top.
    Post Category -- -- Does not and displays a 404 error page to boot.
    I should mention that when I set up WP I set it up so that the Category base name was "topics", don't know if that makes a difference, just trying to give as much info as I can.

    When I am logged in:
    I get the menu when I access posts and categories but the shortcodes display in the Pages text. for example the video gallery page above shows just the content inside the shortcode of "free" but when I'm logged in it shows the shortcodes for both free and premium along with the content of each.

    I imagine you should be getting into work about now so hopefully you'll be able to make some sense out of this.

  • Chris
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    Can I add to this thread...

    I've a plain WP multisite with only the Membership plugin enabled. Have set-up membership plugin as per installation documentation. Added two levels (guest visitor and free member), created a Guest and Member category.

    If any category is enabled in Positive, menu display is disabled. Also in posts the <more> is ignored and it seems to decide for itself where to place a more tag. Shortcodes also seem to be ignored.

    This is the basic Category and shortcode protection and is seems not to work... so what I am doing wrong with the set-up?

  • Chris
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    realised I'd posted in the wrong thread and tried to rectify that by posting here and then suggesting that the other post be ignored... but seem to have mucked that up as well

    The posting in this thread stands... enabling categories in Membership plugin disables the menu displaying... remove category from the membership level and menus are displayed correctly.

    How can you help?

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