Membership Plugin - Registered users some access and paying members more?

Please Help... (@Barry)

I'm trying to provide an incentive for users to register for the site. Therefore, I want to give a registered/logged in user access to some features for free. In other words, a logged in free user is not equivalent to a "stranger" who is just visiting the site.

Then, I want to create paid subscription levels that provide additional content beyond what is received just by becoming a registered/logged in user.

This is what I tried (which didn't work)... I set up a level which provided the access I wanted to provide for free as long as a person registered and logged in with the site. I then created a subscription that gives a person indefinite access to that particular level. In the "edit options" section, under the "user registration" heading, I then set up the user subscription to be set to this particular level. So now it's set up where a "stranger" without an account is restricted and upon registering and logging in, the user receives access to some of the content... which is good!

I then set up a higher level which provides more access and created another subscription which is a serial monthly paying subscription.

Now for the problem. When a logged in user goes to the account page that I've set up... which includes both the "accountform" and "renewform" shortcode there is no option to subscribe to the paying level. It just states that the user is currently on the subscription they were assigned to upon registering with the website. And of course, if they go to the subscription page that was set up where I included the "subscriptionform" shortcode, it basically states the following:

Completed: Thank you for joining
It looks like you are already a member of our site. Thank you very much for your support.If you are at this page because you would like to create another account, then please log out first.

Is there an easy way to set it up where a logged in user gains access to some content but then has to pay to receive more content?