Membership plugin. Need to pro rata the upgrade price

We have quite expensive subscriptions on our site (e.g. $250 for a yearly membership) and therefore when someone wants to upgrade half-way through a year we need to take the remainder of their existing membership e.g. $125 and allow that to go towards the cost of the upgrade. Is this possible?

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    Hi @michael,

    I'm sorry Membership isn't able to do this currently. When adding a new subscription to an account, the previous one will remain active. So you're not actually upgrading to a higher plan, as much as you are adding an additional plan that has new features.

    You could do this on a case by case basis by creating a coupon for your users.

    I will move this to Features & Feedback though so we can see what other community members think, and so it can be considered for future development.

    Pro Sites can do pro rata upgrades to new levels, as you're moving from level to level instead of adding new subscriptions.

    Best regards,

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