Membership plugin not activating member subscription after successful payment to Paypal

First off, congrats on creating such an awesome plugin. I'm a web developer and I have a client who's interested in allowing subscribers access protected content on their website. So in my research i found your plugin, Memberships. I just purchased your membership for $19.00 as I'm looking to resolve my issue before upgrading.

After registering, I proceed to subscribe by making the payment. While the payment process is successful, the Membership doesn't reflect that. Its like its not talking with Paypal at all, view screenshot (Recent transactions & Pending transactions & Future transactions
My Payment gateway is set to PayPal Single Payments Gateway, view screenshot (
I created Access Levels & Subscription Plans, view screenshot (Access & & Subscription )

Once i manually choose a level for the member, Memberships gives that member the access to view the protected content. But as you know, thats not really feasible.

Any assistance would help, Thanks