Membership plugin not adding subscription


I am having some trouble setting up the membership plugin.

I have created 2 access levels, one for visitors and one for paid members. The payment gateway I would like to use is paypal express, however, it didn't work on sandbox mode. I have managed to get the paypal single payments to work on sandbox mode. But would prefer to use paypal express.

After registering and make payment via paypal, the screen would take me back to the welcome page(which is correct), however, the new register user doesn't have the correct subscription plan/access level added onto their account. Am I missing a few steps here?

Lastly, is their anyway that the payment gateway can be embedded on the site rather than been taken to the payment gateway's page?

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  • Brian Purkiss
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    One of the many problems with PayPal, is that sandbox mode doesn't always function as the real payment process would.

    Are you receiving any errors? Or is it just going through the payment process like it should but there's no access given?

    With PayPal, you need to go to PayPal to complete the payment. Other Payment Gateways, like, support paying directly within your site.

  • davidfan
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    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the reply, yes, with paypal express under sandbox mode it shows an error msg (The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.) I might put a $1 subscription plan and try it on a live mode and see if it works.

    Do you think the member not getting to the right access level is sandbox mode related?

    Is the only payment gateway that supporting payment within the site or 2Checkout having the same function too?


  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    It is very likely that the issue is with PayPal Sandbox.

    PayPal Pro does offer such a feature, but it isn't integrated with Membership. PayPal Express does have an addons that allow such a feature, but they have additional fees that make them only practical if you're doing small payments.

    I don't know if 2Checkout has the same function. I'll ask some of the other staffers if has such a feature.

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