Membership plugin not applying subscription permissions


Hopefully you can help. I am working on a site and i am using the membership plugin.

The method is the user registers and is automatically logged onto the site, they are directed to the membership page where the user then chooses the type of membership they would like.

Using paypal payment gateway, when payment is taken and I click return to the website. when i return the relevant permissions have not been applied and the user does not show as having subscribed to this membership (even though i receive a payment confirmation email from paypal).

Using Paypal express, the same thing happens except payment is not taken and I do not receive a payment confirmation.

I am aware of the issues with paypal sandbox mode so i am doing this testing in live mode and these are the results I am getting.

I hope you can help as I have spend a while looking at this and am out of ideas.

Many thanks in advance