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Login/Register - Double "Basic" choice when you attempt to register. Even after choosing Basic with subscription button (paypal), user is neither assigned to the Basic level nor the paypal payment gateway

please feel free to register a test user to verify.

  • sara

    Right, so the registration process looks like it works, despite the double "subscription" clicking

    1x at very first, 1x after you create the username

    despite that, it all looks right until you go back to the main page and login.

    You should no longer see the login menu item, it should change to my account. The reason it doesnt is because, if you look at the membership roster, you'd see that no level has been assigned to you, nor has a payment gateway.

    You can double check this by also looking at after you've logged in.

  • Alexander

    Hi @sara,

    I'm sorry about the delay. I have an account on your site with the username "test4alex" Would you mind adding my account as an administrator, as well as adding as a Membership admin within Membership settings?

    This would help me troubleshoot this faster. Also, the subscriptions page has protection applied to it, so I'm unable to test it on this access level - I'll be able to look into this as well though.


  • sara

    @Alexander Rohmann

    k, I figured out some basic core things :smiley:

    1) You're right, its working.
    2) Facebook registration is NOT working
    3) If you are a not too savvy tech user and you hit the Basic Subscription from the register page but you dont also hit the subscribe page then you become a user.... but you dont get the subscription/gateway.

    Would like to fix #2 please

    WRT #3, I know this is a user issue but the double hit for registering I think is confusing. Since this is expected behavior you're not on the hook to help me fix, but I do plan to edit the registration page to pass to a different subscription page so it looks less like a duplicate.

    Also, is it possible to edit the green text that appears above the final Basic Subscribe? (attempting to attach screenshot)

  • Alexander

    Hi @sara,

    I'm very sorry about the delay here. I've looked at your site again to check on the facebook issue, but I see you've disabled facebook registration altogether. I also see that my test account has been deleted.

    I can still look into this if needed. Just send new login credentials via our contact form:
    - Choose I have a different question
    - Include my name in the subject "Alexander Rohmann"
    - Include a link back to this thread
    - Include any relevant login information.

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Hi @sara,

    I've come to a few conclusions here. I was able to get a facebook registration signed up for a subscription, but it's all going back to the usability issue needing to click the subscriptions button.

    After signing up with facebook, users need to visit the /register-2 page. Then they can proceed with the normal steps for adding a subscription.

    So it works, but not very smoothly, and I'd say it may even defeat the point of facebook login being a simpler option.

    One thing I did discover is that you can go to this URL directly and bypass the first "Signup" screen. With this, we can workout a way to only have one signup button for the basic users.

    Would you be willing to try some custom coding options here? Here are the options I'd like to look into, but wanted to see what you prefered:

    1. Have new users automatically added to the Basic plan, with an option to upgrade plans
    2. Redirect any users who do not have a plan to the page where plans can be added.
    3. Skipping the final "subscribe" step by using JavaScript to automatically click the button for us. This would require that you stick to using a single gateway
    Both would fix the facebook issue. Let me know what you think and if you're ok with adding some extra functions, and I'll see what's feasible.

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Hi @sara,

    Thanks for the email and sending FTP info!

    I was able to get two of these working. I couldn't work out a way for the subscription to automatically be added.

    However, your site will now redirect users who have not yet added the "basic" subscription to the Register page.

    When they click "Signup" it will load the subscription page, but the form will automatically be submitted for them. For paid subscriptions this would take them directly to PayPal, but with the free one it takes them to the welcome page.

    All of this is already active on your site. I added it as a plugin called "Support Modifications"

    For anyone else interested in the code, here's what I used. (I removed the site URL, so this would need to be added by anyone looking to use the 'auto submit'

    //Redirect users without a membership level to the register page
    function redirect_non_subscribers() {
    	if (is_user_logged_in() && !current_user_is_member()) {
    		$options = get_option('membership_options', array());
    		if (!is_page($options['registration_page']) && !is_page($options['registrationcompleted_page'])) {
    			wp_redirect( get_permalink($options['registration_page']) );
    //Autoclick "Subscribe"
    function autoclick_paypal_subscribe() {
    	if(!current_user_is_member()) { ?>

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