Membership Plugin: Not defaulting to assigned level.

Hey guys,

The issue is that when a user signs up and pays for one of the memberships we offer on, it does not assign them access to the level.

Example. If a user signs up for the NBA Monthly Subscription it should automatically give them access to a page like this one - - but it does not. I have no go to the user they just signed up with/created and add the level NBA.

I created a coupon for 100% discount off any one of the subscriptions we offer right now. its is "WPMU". This way if you need to for troubleshooting purposes, you can sign up with a user and triage etc.

I also granted access via the support tab in the WPMU dashboard plugin. I hope this is something simple that I am missing and I need to add to a drop down or something like that.

Thanks for the help and support and just let me know what you need form me.