Membership plugin not following Positive Rules

The membership plugin seems to be ignoring the Positive Rules I have set. All the boxes for the positive rules have been checked, however, when I switch roles to verify, somehow only the Home page is showing for ALL access levels.

Originally, the "Contact Us" page was being blocked for all Subscribers, but the page was at least on the Menu bar. When I submitted a ticket a staff member logged in and informed me it was fixed, however, when I logged only the Home page was available to all access levels. I'm not sure what was done but now subscribers are unable to access ANY page.

I have been trying to get this issue solved for several days now and unfortunately, the issue not only remains unanswered but is worse off than before and I only get a reply when I post a NEW question.

The menu bar under Appearances seems to change each time I switch the User role and completely ignores the Positive Rules section. And the Contact Us page has completely been removed.

See screenshots of Menu bar changing when user roles changes.