Membership Plugin not redirecting

Hi guys,

I've recently upgraded to the full premium membership plugin from the Lite plugin.

I'm having some issues regarding redirection of users. I'll take a moment to describe our simple setup :slight_smile:

We have a Members Only page that contains the last 5 posts in a 'subscribers' category. The idea being if you are a member, you have access to the past 5 'issues' (posts).

I've set up a "Visitors" access level, and a "Subscribers" access level.

Visitors has a negative "Page" rule which is set to my "Members Only" page.

My Subscribers access level has no rules; as these users should be free to view everything.

In the Membership > Options > General settings tab, my "Visitors" access level is configured in the Stranger Settings > Use Membership Level drop-down.

Further, under the Membership Page Options tab, for the Protected Content Page setting, I have selected my "Subscription Expiry" page, which I have created for redirection purpose.

If a user clicks my "members only" menu item, they are redirected to my subscription expiry page...HOWEVER, if they click the menu item a second time, they suddenly have access to the Members only page, furthermore, they can view the shortcode in the post excerpt.

Secondly, when the plugin is active, some pages become blank white pages, other pages suddenly redirect users to the subscription expiry page :S

Any assistance with my configuration would be appreciated.