Membership Plugin & Pagelines Theme Issues

Hi Guys,

I'm having serious issues with Pagelines theme and the Membership plugin. The main one being the signup buttons on the registration page simply refuse to show! If I switch my theme to Twenty 11 or any other standard theme, they show straight away. As soon as I switch back to Pagelines... Puff... Gone... Vanished into thin air.

I'm using everything as standard at the minute though as far as the membership plugin and the theme is concerned. I've just chosen a full width / no sidebar layout in the theme and set up two free subscription levels for testing, but I can't run test signups as I can't see the buttons :slight_smile:

Here's the signup page as it stands now...

I need to get this running by tomorrow for a meeting with by business parter and another potential partner on the project so they can see a demo of the signup process and the members area I've set up.

Thanks in advance